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Top Ten Inflammation-Fighting Foods

August 16, 2018

Top Ten Inflammation-Fighting Foods


            If your reading this article you are probably already aware that inflammation is a severe problem that affects millions of people in America today. With that in mind, one of the best ways to fight inflammation is by making a few simple changes to your diet. While the general rules to eat more organic vegetables, fish, and whole grains; there are several foods that are particularly good at fighting inflammation.  Today we are going to outline the top ten.


Number 10: Avocados

          You probably know that good avocado equals good guacamole, but did you know that avocados have high levels of vitamin E and monosaturated fat. These two compounds are powerful known anti-inflammatories, and eating avocados is a fantastic way to get them in your diet. As an added benefit, avocados can help you regulate your cholesterol levels and provide a great alternative to unhealthy fats.


Number 9: Dark Chocolate

            Yes! Chocolate can actually be a great, healthy desert provided you eat in in small portions (a few squares). Furthermore, it has to be dark chocolate, which means 70% cocoa, and the higher that number the better. It's important to use this windfall to replace unhealthier desert like cake and other pastries.


Number 8: Onions

          Onions are a wildly popular root crop used in many different dishes. They also have a boatload of benefits like helping reduce inflammation and cholesterol levels, while improving heart health. Using onions to flavor your food is a great way to reduce the amount of salt you use in your cooking!


Number 7: Beans

beans health benefits

            Beans are a double hitter when it comes to fighting inflammation! First off, they are loaded with protein which means you can replace a serving of red meat (which causes inflammation) with a healthy serving of beans. Second, they have plenty of fiber and phytochemicals which are both known anti-inflammatories.

            There are so many different varieties of beans out there that you are guaranteed to find one that even the pickiest eater will enjoy!


Number 6: Garlic

          Italians rejoice! This pungent little veggie is also a heavy hitting superfood! A relative of the onion, garlic contains a variety of important vitamins and minerals and has even been shown to be great at calming swollen joints. Garlic can add flavor to many dishes while simultaneously giving you all these benefits!


Number 5: Tea

          I love tea. This ancient hot beverage has been used to treat a variety of ailments over the years, including inflammation. Tea is loaded with antioxidants and can help prevent cancer as well as heart disease.

            While there are many varieties of tea out there, for fighting inflammation be sure to choose a high-quality green tea. Studies have shown that green tea actually works to fight inflammation in your body.


Number 4: Dark Vegetables and Fruits

            Almost all veggies and fruits are good for you and will help fight inflammation, but as a genal rule, the darker one’s pack more of a punch. For example, kale is much better than iceberg lettuce, while blueberries have more antioxidants than watermelon. Another amazing dark vegetable is beets, which have lots of antioxidants.


Number 3: Herbs and spices

          There are many beneficial herbs and spices that have been used for treating ailments for centuries. Herbs and spices can be used to flavor your cooking and replace more unhealthy things like salt and sugar. Fresh herbs like basil and oregano are loaded with antioxidants, and spices like turmeric and ginger are powerful known anti-inflammatories.


Number 2: Fish

fish health benefits

            Fish are a great substitute for meats at mealtime, but not all fish are created equal. You want fish high in omega three fatty acids which are very powerful anti-inflammatories. Some of the best fish to eat are salmon, mackerel, sardines, snapper, tuna, cod and bass.


Number 1: Healthy Oils

            Just like fish, healthy oils are loaded with healthy omega three fatty acids. Olive oil is far and away the best oil to use. It is a great substitute for other cooking oils, and you can also replace butter with it for a much healthier alternative. When using olive oil, try to use extra virgin for maximum benefits.

            If you don’t like olive oil, you can use other healthy oils like grapeseed or avocado oil.


            All the foods on this list will provide you with outsized benefits when it comes to fighting inflammation, but there are still a few general rules you should follow. When buying these foods try to opt for fresh, organic, and local where possible. Organic foods will typically contain more of the good nutrients that help prevent inflammation and none of the chemicals that can cause. 

              Finally remember that any low inflammation diet will be based on high-quality fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid products with added chemicals or to much sugar. Most importantly be sure to include a good amount of the foods on this list in your diet!

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